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Car 66 CrewYveline Vanoni and Christine Dacremont in London before the start.Feb 25, 2009
Motoring News 18th August 1977A Gerry Phillips 'Verglas' written article covering the start of the 1977 London-Sydney rally. Feb 25, 2009
Motoring News 18th August 1977Motoring News cover story. Picture shows the Chuchua Jeeps and the Malaysian, Swee Chew Wong, Mercedes crossing Blackheath.Feb 25, 2009
Into the Opera HouseNot great quality but this clip from an 8mm movie might stir a memory or two. The clip starts at TC47 Barraba....Feb 24, 2009
Magenta kit carThe Philip Young / John Corner Magenta kit car leaving the Covent Garden startFeb 24, 2009
Ford Escort RS2000This picture taken soon after the car returned to the UKFeb 24, 2009
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