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Car 45 - Citroen CX2400The Hopkirk, Taylor, Riley, Citroen CX2400 being unloaded at Fremantle. They would finish in third place overall.
Car 43 - Peugeot 504TI - Covent GardenThe Birkett, Orrick, van Delft, Peugeot 504 turning into Bow Street from the Covent Garden start. They later retired at Makarska on the Adriatic coast.
Cherokee leaves the start.Americans, Don Brown and Cam Warren leave the start in their 6500cc Jeep Cherokee.
Hopkirk pours oil inPlenty of oil was required after the Citroen suffered a cracked sump. At one point the crew 'borrowed' the oil from a couple of parked cars leaving the sump plug on the bonnet to warn the returning owners.
Vanson / Luc - Citroen CX2400The Patrick Vanson / Jean Paul Luc Citroen CX2400 on a section in Yugoslavia
Escort refuelsAn eagle smashed into the Escort screen on the run down from Alice Springs. Seen here adjusting the temporary screen at a fuel stop on the way to Port Augusta. Another screen was found and fitted in Adelaide.
Leaving TehranJohn Stathatos points the way for driver Erling Jensen as they make an early morning start from the Tehran control with 8hrs 54mins allowed to cover the 750kms to Yazd.
Hopkirk heads the paradeHopkirk had to be blocked from being first across the finish line... here he leads the pack approaching the Opera House on Circular Quay. (photo - opsbooks on Flickr)
Ford Escort RS2000This picture taken soon after the car returned to the UK
Driver awaits desert rescueAn Australia Sunday Mail article about the Don Brown Cam Warren - Jeep Cherokee breakdown and Don's four day wait for rescue.
Racing Car News - November 1977 - page 1 of 5A Max Stahl report from Racing Car News (Australia)
Motoring News 18th August 1977Motoring News cover story. Picture shows the Chuchua Jeeps and the Malaysian, Swee Chew Wong, Mercedes crossing Blackheath.
The rally leaves AdelaideA typical newspaper article about the rally as it leaves Adelaide on the way to Melbourne.
Racing Car News - November 1977 - page 2 of 5A Max Stahl report from Racing Car News (Australia)
Racing Car News - November 1977 - page 3 of 5A Max Stahl report from Racing Car News (Australia)
Magenta - Daily Mail 15th July 1977The Daily Mail Motoring section article captioned - "Across the world in a car you can build in a garden shed."
Motoring News 25th August 1977 - page 1 of 2A comprehensive Motoring News report on the rally as far as Tehran. This is the first of two pages.
Racing Car News - November 1977 - page 4 of 5A Max Stahl report from Racing Car News (Australia)
The Regulations - Pages 4 & 5Articles 1 to 4 of the regulations and a selection of Jim Gavin route survey pictures from 1970.
Don Brown article page 5Don Brown's Pickup Van & 4WD article page 5
Motoring News 25th August 1977 - page 2 of 2Concluding the Motoring News report of the rally up to Tehran
Racing Car News - November 1977 - page 5 of 5A Max Stahl report from Racing Car News (Australia)
Autosport 25th August 1977Ten days into the event Autosport reports progress as far as Teheran.
Motoring News 15th September 1977A short article updating the positions at Singapore. Recalls the problems and protests about the Malaysian special stage routes and a Zasada penalty that was imposed then removed.
The Regulations - Pages 14 & 15Articles 23 to 28 of the regulations.
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