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Car 1 - Mazda RX4


Mazda RX4 - Finished 9th overall and first private entry.

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Car 2 - Magenta


The Magenta kit car was crewed by Philip Young and John Corner. Philip, a Daily Mail, journalist at the time was gaoled in Tehran after a minor accident. Delays in reuniting with his co-driver meant the crew would be excluded after missing the boat to Malaysia.

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Car 5 - Peugeot 504TI


Greek driver John Stathatos with Erling Jensen from Denmark, crewed one of three cars in Basil Wadman's team of Peugeot 504s - they finished 37th. Stathatos previously competed on home soil in the Acropolis Rally, and reached the finish of the gruelling 1974 World Cup Rally across the Sahara, driving the smallest car, a Vaz (Fiat 124). John wrote 'The Long Drive', the definitive book on the 1977 London-Sydney.

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Car 7 - Leyland Moke


Hans Tholstrup formed a Coca-Cola supported team pairing the big Terrier Truck with the Mini Moke. The moke suffered many mechanical problems. Last classified runner at Bombay but somehow managed to nurse the car to Sydney.

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Car 10 - VW Beetle


The first serious event for Francis Tuthill who has since developed his family company into one of the leading Porsche preparation experts. The Beetle reached Sydney in 36th place. In 1993 Franics Tuthill and Anthony Showell won the Nick Brittan organised London-Sydney event driving a Porsche 911.

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Car 11 - Range Rover


Jacky Prive and Jacques Briy - Range Rover - Rolled, caught fire and burned out within reach of the Sydney finish.

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Car 23 - Jeep Cherokee


American Motors provided this Jeep Cherokee for 'Pickup Van & 4WD' magazine editor, Don Brown, and Cam Warren. Don would spend 4 days alone in the outback waiting for rescue after a wheel hub collapsed. They reached the finish in 43rd place.

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Car 25 - Citroen CX2400


One of the three strong Citroen team. Patrick Vanson was a veteran on the '68 London-Sydney and had come 7th on the 1970 London-Mexico and 6th on the 1974 London-Munich. It would be 7th again on this event.

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Car 33 - Mercedes 280E


The winning Mercedes 280E of Andrew Cowan, Colin Malkin and Mike Broad.

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Car 43 - Peugeot 504TI


One of the "Team Marathon" Peugeots along with the #5 Stathatos and #40 Wadman cars. Regular rally men Dave Orrick and Geoff Birkett were joined by rent-a-seat Gerardus van Delft. They retired in Yugoslavia.

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Car 45 - Citroen CX2400


Paddy Hopkirk with Michael Taylor and Robert Riley in the works Citroen fought all the way to third overall.

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Car 48 - Subaru 4WD


This crew survived hitting a giant kangaroo that smashed through the screen into the car. The driver, Noriyuki Koseki, managed to bail out while Yoshio Takaoka resorted to choking the animal with his route notes.

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Car 49 - Mercedes 280E


Tony Fowkes and Peter O'Gorman put in a tremendous drive and overcame extreme tiredness to finish second overall in the Johnson Rally Wax Mercedes 280E

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Car 58 - Ford Escort RS2000


The privately built and entered Ford Escort RS2000 of Chris Bruce, Peter Carracher and Dave Turtle was the only Ford to finish the event coming 21st overall.

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Car 66 - Fiat 131 Abarth Diesel


The Fiat 131 Diesel Abarth crewed by Christine Dacremont and Yveline Vanoni. Retired after an accident with car 18 near Hooker Creek in Australia.

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Car 72 - Porsche 911


Ex European Rally Champion and marathon rally specialist, Sobieslaw Zasada from Poland was a pre-event favourite. Always fast and looking for an overall win he was delayed by problems in Australia and finished in 13th place.

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Car 73 - Leyland Terrier Truck


The Coca-Cola supported V8 Leyland Terrier truck

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Hopkirk heads the paradeHopkirk had to be blocked from being first across the finish line... here he leads the pack approaching the Opera House on Circular Quay. (photo - opsbooks on Flickr) May 23, 2009
Coke Moke at the FinishHans Tholstrup, John Crawford and the Coca-Cola Moke, with the Terrier truck in the background, make it to Sydney. (photo - opsbooks on Flickr)May 23, 2009
Leaving TehranJohn Stathatos points the way for driver Erling Jensen as they make an early morning start from the Tehran control with 8hrs 54mins allowed to cover the 750kms to Yazd. May 16, 2009
Escort refuelsAn eagle smashed into the Escort screen on the run down from Alice Springs. Seen here adjusting the temporary screen at a fuel stop on the way to Port Augusta. Another screen was found and fitted in Adelaide.May 15, 2009
Vanson / Luc - Citroen CX2400The Patrick Vanson / Jean Paul Luc Citroen CX2400 on a section in YugoslaviaMay 15, 2009
Magenta at scrutineeringPhilip Youngs chats his way through scrutineering for the kit car Magenta.May 15, 2009
Zasada fuels upZasada at an Old Kent Road fuel station on the way to Sheerness. In the background the O'Connell Citroen, is being refuelled.May 15, 2009
Hopkirk pours oil inPlenty of oil was required after the Citroen suffered a cracked sump. At one point the crew 'borrowed' the oil from a couple of parked cars leaving the sump plug on the bonnet to warn the returning owners. May 15, 2009