Where Are They Now?

We only know of a very few 1977 London to Sydney cars that still exist. Surely there must be more. Please contact us if you know where a car exists or even if you can confirm that a car has gone for ever. We want to hear from you. To send a message go to >> Contact Us

# 2 - Magenta - Recently found, bought and sold again by driver Philip Young.

# 7 - Mini-Moke - The Coca-Cola Moke is on permanent display at the National Motor Museum, Birdwood, South Australia. It is not in a running condition.

#10 - VW Beetle - Francis Tuthill tells us his Beetle is in very poor condition. It's on a trailer waiting to go for scrap or perhaps be rescued.

#19 - Mini Clubman - Sold in 1979 - Last recorded existence 1991 - fate unconfirmed.

#21 - Cosworth Vega - was a featured car at the Carlisle PA USA car show in June 2011

#24 - Fiat 131 Diesel - Recently offered for sale - (not known if genuine)

#26 - Ford Cortina Mk2 - The car survives with Dr Wadia in poor condition in Bombay.

#33 - Mercedes 280E - Andrew Cowan's event winning car is in the Stuttgart Mercedes-Benz Museum.

#45 - Citroen CX2400 - The Hopkirk car is thought to be privately owned in the UK.

#49 - Mercedes 280E - The Tony Fowkes car is confirmed as in the Stuttgart Mercedes-Benz Museum.

#58 - Ford Escort - Still owned by driver Chris Bruce - unused for many years.

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